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  1. Cowboy Classics

    The popular perception of the Western is a story that centers on the life of a semi-nomadic wanderer, usually a cowboy or a gunfighter. The Western depicts a society organized around codes of honor and personal, direct or private justice (such as the feud), rather than one organized around rationalistic, abstract law, in which social order is maintained predominately through relatively impersonal institutions.
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  2. a new humility for me

    In the past I'd aspired to participate in discussions of classical music as an equal among equals, and to see all other participants treated the same way.

    As a result of this desire, I suffered. I saw people who didn't know the right way to talk about classical music treated with condescension, and it angered me.

    A veteran of several years of discussions on classical music boards, I personally know the ropes well enough to avoid the main faux pas, so that I have rarely
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  3. La Chronique du Disque (September 2014)

    En français

    For those unfamiliar with our monthly recordings review - If Sound Quality (SQ) and Overall Impression (OI) grades need further context, feel free to visit earlier posts in this series.

    My Suggestions for September

    Schubert: Wanderers Nachtlied
    Despite dying at age thirty-one, Schubert was extremely prolific. His output numbers well-over
  4. Clarinetist Jože Kotar

    Today's Once Upon the Inernet showcases Slovenian clarinetist Jože Kotar in works I believe were downloaded from the original MP3.COM, though my notes aren't quite as clear on that as I wold have liked. I fact, the date of the release of some of these tracks indicate either late 2003 or early 2004, which is awfully close to when the site stopped operating.

    According to the artists' official website,
  5. on asserting your superiority through musical taste

    Using music to distinguish ourselves or prove ourselves members of a special group is one of the uglier aspects of human nature, but we all do it, so I figure, why not try to be honest about it?

    In the not-so-recent past, one could demonstrate one's cultural superiority very simply by listening to classical music, scorning jazz, rock and other "popular" music. A lot of people here still try that, but their pretensions are sadly out of date.

    More recently
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