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  1. Touch: Chapter 11 (Part 2)

    Coming to his home, Nadia saw it a lot different than she usually did. The curtains were open, letting lots of light into the room. Andrei was not sitting at his couch but actually at a table with several large books and sheets of paper in front of him. Hearing Nadia's footsteps enter, he actually grinned.

    "So you now see what I do with myself during the day," he said. "Look here," he beckoned her closer.

    Nadia stepped up to the table and looked

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  2. Touch: Chapter 11 (Part 1)

    The next day, Nadia nervously stepped into the Conservatory, waiting at any moment for Maxim to come to her. Sure enough, 15 seconds in, he found her.

    "Nadia, hello. Are you able to talk now?" coming up to her from across the hall.


    Maxim walked with her and said nothing for a minute. Instead he wanted to take her to another place, outside in a courtyard next to the Conservatory. There, it was secluded.

  3. Touch: Chapter 10

    Days turned to weeks, and soon a month was past. Andrei has succeeded in composing the first movement, and was touching up the second by the end of May. Nadia kept a cool attitude to it all, although certainly less cheerful than before. Whenever she went to Andrei's house, that cheer she had in working with the composition was gone. But rather than being bitter, Nadia kept quiet, and worked as obediently as she could. Andrei didn't know the difference. So she thought.

    Nadia walked
  4. Touch: Chapter 9 (Part 2)

    Nadia stopped. "How are you so sure?"

    "There's something he hasn't told you."


    "He's using you."

    Nadia grimaced. "Well, of course he is using me. He is helpless otherwise."

    "No, I don't mean that way..." he sighed again. They were walking in a hallway, and he led Nadia again into a more secluded area, where no one was walking.

    "As a dear
  5. Touch: Chapter 9 (Part 1)

    The next evening, Nadia returned to Andrei's house, in lesser spirits than she was before. But she did notice that this evening Andrei wasn't wearing his blindfold. He was "staring" at the wall when she walked in.

    "So," Andrei spoke up immediately, with a slightly sarcastic tone, "How was your little excursion?"

    "It was wonderful," Nadia replied. "I really enjoyed it for the most part, except for one thing that happened."