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  1. Music Analysis: Sergei Prokofiev Part 1

    This was fun to write.

    There is so much that can be analyzed by Prokofiev, so I will organize it into several sections. I will add onto it over time, perhaps.


    * Orchestration/Instrumentation
    * Melody
    * Harmony
    * Tone/Form


    It's quite easy to tell what instrument was his favorite: piano. He wrote 9 piano sonatas, 5 piano concertos, a score of piano
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  2. Disappeared: Chapters 4, 5


    It was now January, the bleakest point of the year. But I was in high spirits, because I was expecting any day for Victor to propose to me. He made his love for me so obvious that I was surprised he didn't say it yet. However, Nikolai was despairing. Elena refused to accept any invitations now, but would still let him talk to her. One day, Nikolai fled to me from some scene he had.
    "I don't know what to do, Anna! She's gone mad!" he exclaimed.
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  3. Rebel, Four Seasons, Janacek's Sinfonietta, Quartet for the End of Time

    I took a long, long walk through the park and the city today, and listened to four works while I did so. First was Rebel's Les Elemens.

    By listening to Reinhard Goebel, I position myself in opposition to a league of internet snobs, and tomorrow I will listen to Jordi Savall to entrench myself here.

    Anyway, the first part of Les Elemens is must-hear music, whether you indulge
  4. 3 Questions: Gaye, Mussorgsky's Pictures, Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde

    This afternoon's first listening was Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, another album that the intelligentsia consider classic.

    I tried to listen to it last night, but somehow it got on my nerves, but this morning everything was fine. It is very repetitive, like any pop music, probably not intended for more than a few close listenings. But it does set a mood, and there are several famous songs

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  5. Blog 7

    Oh joy of joys! The Berio transcription is complete, as is the film score! I printed off the 4 pieces that make up my composition portfolio and now need to write a 1500 word aesthetic statement. The 3000 word monster analysis is still growling in the back of my mind but I'll tackle that tomorrow. It's been a pretty productive day in spite of how mind-numbing the work can be at times.