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LE #2: Pavel Chesnokov

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I love this composer, and it's all Huilunsoittaja's fault!
Here's my playlist:
1. We Praise Thee (or Divine Liturgy), Op. 27, No. 6
St. Petersburg Chamber Choir
Directed by Nikolai Korniev
Vladimir Pavolvich Pasjukov, basso profundo
First and foremost, that bass voice made me automatically think of Avi Kaplan.

Anyway, back on track...
This song just makes me want to cry.
I have always liked Christian SATB choral music, if not already apparent.
I notice that this version was interpreted so that it started in B minor and ended in Db major. I wonder if that's of any significance...
I love the harmony that Chesnokov so brilliantly inserted into this wonderful piece. Each part blends so well with the others.
2. The Pre-Eternal Council, Op. 40, No. 2
Kovcheg Male Choir
Directed by Alexey Telnov
Alexey Doroshenko, Bass
The harmony complements the solo part very well, but other than that I don't like the piece much. There seemed to be no particular melodic line that I could follow, and the ending seemed a bit rushed.
3. Cherubic Hymn, Op. 27, No. 5
Trinity Cathedral Choir
Unknown director
I notice a trend while listening that Mr. Chesnokov excels at harmony.
This piece is very soothing, but then, that's what I should expect from a cherubic hymn.
This piece sets itself apart from the others in that it has a sort of coda at the end, in what I can only assume is an extended "amen", or "hallelujah", and it's much faster than the other two.
Pavel Chesnokov is now on my favorite Russian composer list, but doesn't quite take the top spot.