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  1. Does Listening To Classical Music Enhance One's Listening Ability In Other Genres?

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    I have noticed that since I began 2 or 3 months ago to really start listening to and appreciating classical music, that I also seem to be developing a more "discerning ear"--for want of a better term--when it comes to listening again to my first and other love, namely jazz. What I mean by this is that I am better able to follow themes and their development now than when I wasn't listening to classical on a regular basis.
    Has anyone else experienced this, or am I really deluding
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  2. The Role of Movements vis a vis Theme Development in Classical Music

    As a relative newcomer to classical music, that is, as one who is for the first time in a long life trying to listen and feel this music instead of just hearing it because it is "supposed to be good", I do not want to become over analytical--for want of a better term--in trying to understand and appreciate this genre.
    I have listened to a lot of jazz--still do--and can sort of conceptualize most of the time what a piece is trying to do and how it is structured, in terms of its
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