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  1. The

    Allegri - Miserere
    Brumel - Missa Et ecce terrae motus
    Byrd - Mass for Five Voices
    Crumb - Black Angels
    Dufay - Nuper rosarum flores
    Enescu - Oedipe
    Nono - Como und ola de fuerza y luz
    Rzewski - Variations on The People United Will Never be Defeated!
    Shostakovich - String Quartet #8
    Takemitsu - From Me Flows What You Call Time
    Tallis - Spem in Alium

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  2. six hypothetical listeners

    Here I discuss six hypothetical individuals and their reactions to a work of art.

    First is Sophie Laud. She is a highly educated individual, familiar with the elements and structures of the work, the techniques used in its composition, with the works to which it alludes and responds, with the social and political context of the work, and with the histories of all these things. She has gone over the work several times (if it's a work of music, she listens to it several times, studying
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  3. listening percentages

    In February 2015 KenOC challenged us to estimate how much time we spent listening to various composers as a percentage of the total time we spent listening to music. Because I listen to music almost exclusively on iTunes, I was able to make a fairly precise reckoning. I will try to find that thread so that I can post my numbers from that time here.

    Edit: Found it:

    8.00% - Beethoven
    7.69% - Bach
    3.55% - Mozart
    3.21% - Haydn
    3.06% - Brahms
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  4. "Win an argument, lose a sale."

    By "Applesauce":

    When I was younger I worked in retail sales.

    I remember one of the training sessions I attended.

    One instructor asked us what is the first rules of sales.

    Of course one member of the class responded, "The customer is always right."

    It ended up being a trick question because the instructed said, "Incorrect. Most of the time the customer is wrong. A more accurate description of the
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  5. a new humility for me

    In the past I'd aspired to participate in discussions of classical music as an equal among equals, and to see all other participants treated the same way.

    As a result of this desire, I suffered. I saw people who didn't know the right way to talk about classical music treated with condescension, and it angered me.

    A veteran of several years of discussions on classical music boards, I personally know the ropes well enough to avoid the main faux pas, so that I have rarely
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