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  1. Yawn, I'm Bored...

    Another piece of my little BS poetry then? It's very romantic!

    The Love Sentences


    My heart's so tender that it hurts
    Pulsating madly...
    Yet and but
    It sits as quiet as a bud.

    Are petals going to burst
    Erupting through restrictive walls?

    You are the flower of my soul:
    I love you so I love you all!

    * * *

    My Dear Rose

    My dear rose,
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  2. What, Me Blogging?

    A blog, huh? Never thought I’d have one. Indeed, with very few ideas to offer, no literary talents, and English that sucks vowels, why should I? But then it dawned on me: to share my little BS poetry, of course! (In English, nonetheless.) It’s half-baked.

    The Crooked Church

    We stand as timeless as the rule:
    It takes a crook to scam a fool.

    ...Behold the craftsmen so skilled,
    It is the Church they are to build!

    Invite them
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