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My Macbeth experience

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Part 2 - rehearsal

Never been to a rehearsal before so didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be 'stop start' but not a bit of it. This was so like a performance, if the orchestra hadn't been in Tshirts & tracky bottoms you'd think it was the real thing. Sometimes the singers 'marked' to conserve their voices but that didn't spoil it.

My seat was in the Amphitheatre which was a first for me & although the view was a bit restricted, the sound was excellent. A much better balance than from my usual 'whites of their eyes' view from the stalls.

Liudmyla Monastyrska (Lady Macbeth) was absolutely fantastic. Brilliant actress & a couple of times didn't 'sing out' so I can't wait to hear the full force of her voice.

Simon Keenlyside (Macbeth) was probably on about 90% but I've read he never gives full welly until the night. His Pietà, rispetto, amore was definitely full welly though & gave me goose bumps. His acting was his usual oscar standard.

Bit disappointed with Raymond Aceto (Banco). He was gravelly & growly which I don't remember from Rigoletto (Sparafucile) last year & I couldn't help comparing him with John Relyea's Banco.

Dimitri Pittas (Macduff) was OK but it got me thinking that it must be difficult for an opera house to attract an 'A' List tenor for Macduff because the role's not that big.

Supporting singers were fine, including the lovely Lukas Jakobski* (Doctor) & the lovely but garlicky Steven Ebel* (Malcolm). *see below

Six curtain calls later & defying vertigo, I shuffled out into the bright May sunshine to lurk by the Stage Door with all the other ladies who are old enough to be most of the singers' mothers & who should know better.

First out was Steven Ebel who I didn't know & didn't recognise, but one of the other lurkers did. He gave us all a very garlicky hug & it's a good thing he doesn't have to do a close up in the opera itself. Then the lovely Lukas who looked surprised & delighted that anyone would want his autograph. It was so chaotic after Boccanegra, I hadn't seen him so I'd taken my Boccanegra stuff with me & he signed everything & I got a couple of nice photos. The Lovely Lukas is Angelotti in the upcoming Guapo/Gheorghiu & also a minor role in Les Troyens so that's two more DVDs at least he'll be on.

Unfortunately none of the other singers came out through the Stage Door but the ROH staff did tell us they'd left the building, so we didn't waste time waiting.

Had a great time & will definitely go to another rehearsal, especially if it's on a Saturday. It started at 11.00 am, scheduled for three hours with a 25 minute interval. I learned something new - during the interval I was amazed to see people sitting in the corridors unpacking their sandwiches and drinks. ROH is usually so strict about bringing food in, I'd had something to eat beforehand, but was starving by 3.00 pm.

Part 3 - the performance (next week)
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