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Thoughts on the composition process, veneration of the concert band form (no pesky strings!), and shameless plugs of my own works.

For my music, see the Music page of my website; I also have a political, programming, and random-thoughts unblog, which is sadly in need of maintenance. 'Unblog', because 'blog' isn't a word.

  1. The Rise of the Machines - Algorithmic and Stochastic Composition

    Stochastic Composition
    The idea of a mechanical, chance-driven process to produce music is not a new one; Musikalisches Würfelspielen, systems for concatenating musical fragments according to the rolls of a die, predate the electronic computer by at least two centuries. However, these early systems were very stereotyped, since the only algorithmic part was the ordering of the fragments.
    The computational power required to generate truly algorithmic music only began to become available
  2. MuseScore frustration (rant)

    Why virtual realisation of music is hard on F/OSS platforms

    I'd just like to place on record that MuseScore, while a pretty good piece of notation software, is shockingly difficult to use for realistic sequencing. (Disclaimer: the rant below applies to 0.9.6pre, and I see that they now have a v1.0 out, but it's not come through my distro yet)

    Chief among its problems is that it can only handle one SoundFont at a time, so you have to either use a monolithic whole-orchestra