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World Violist

Baroque Impressions

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So it turns out I'm a fairly intuitive and competent violist in the baroque style. Earlier today I had my first rehearsal (encounter period, really) with the director of the early music ensemble for a concert I got involved in as a replacement for the regular violist. Despite having basically never played in this style, and despite having metal strings and a modern bow, I picked it up quite well and felt quite proud of my imitation by the end of the hour. I had decided to be a bit creative with a sort of continuo figuration I had, and the director told me to exaggerate what I was already doing, about which I felt particularly proud.

What can I say? Intonation issues aside (yes, my strings are now a half-step flat and it's somewhat hard to deal with), this is quite appealing to me.
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  1. HarpsichordConcerto's Avatar
    Interesting. Gut string and an older shaped bow will make a different sound, and of course depending on pitch. Let us know if you have more attempts at "HIP". Fascinating.
  2. World Violist's Avatar
    I'll definitely have more attempts at it, since it looks like I'll be learning viola da gamba next semester!

    My previous viola teacher had a baroque bow, so I've played on an older-style bow before and yes, it's quite different. Never had gut strings though.