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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Can you help me to identify this piece? Thank you in advance DL: stream: I think it's a waltz
  2. Opera
    Just looking to see what operas exist that have a sports theme. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Can anyone help me with this theme from beginning? Title/composer? The link is below... Thanks in advance :-)
  4. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello folks, Was just marvelling in the wonderful awfulness of this doc and grew quite fond of the music that's playing (albeit rather on and off, the video itself is a bit glitchy!) from 3.18 through to 4.18. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Solved Cases (archive)
    liszt or chopin maybe? i have run a few bars up Thank you in advance
  6. Keyboard Instruments
    For those who are taking piano exams, or whose friend or relation is... What will help in preparation? Does it help, for example, to play the exam piece cd or the pieces played on YouTube as background to surfing the net or whatever, to let the music seep into one's brain? Or is it...
  7. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hello, could someone help me identify the piano piece that's playing in the background in this commercial: Thanks in advance!
  8. Solved Cases (archive)
    What is name of this music? or what is name of musician? Hear in this link between 37:10 and 38:30 Thanks in advance.
  9. Site Feedback & Technical Support
    Dear All, Could anyone be kind enough to tell me how to go about setting up a poll on this forum? Thanks in advance. TH
  10. Solved Cases (archive)
    Starts around the 4:20 mark, does anyone know what it is? Thanks in advance!
  11. Today's Composers
    I've tried to rework my last track "Heart" (a soundtrack) ; thanks in advance for your constructive criticism !
  12. Solved Cases (archive)
    Where's this part from? Thanks in advance.
  13. Solved Cases (archive)
    greetings everyone! i recently heard this beautiful violin piece on a tv series but, unfortunately, was unable to identify it. I hope sincerely hope that you will help me. here is the attached clip Thanks in advance
  14. Solved Cases (archive)
    The original on what's based this remix, ty in advance for the help guys.
  15. Off Topic Pub
    Hair - I have a love-hate relationship with mine. This is a thread for sharing your feelings about your hair. Or your stories about past successes, experiments or disasters. Thanks in advance. :tiphat: And don't worry - this is a confidential thread and there is no way that Hair will ever find...
  16. Solved Cases (archive)
    I heard this piece on a TV series and I'm curious to know who composed it. I have attached a short snippet of it. Has anybody ever heard it, and/or know who composed it? Thanks in advance!
1-16 of 16 Results