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  1. Today's Composers
    Here is a piece for solo flute. Based on The Hamlin Flutist tale. If anyone wants to play it pm me. Try to imagine the story while listening... :) It has 5 little movements that I synthesized as follows. Sorry for my English... 1 - "Faced with a rat infestation, population hired a...
  2. Today's Composers
    Sanjoaninas is the main festivity of our Island and one of the biggest of Azores. There was a contest for the festival march. I am very happy to announce that my music won! Here it is! I hope you enjoy and dance! Before anyone start a rant, this is not a classical piece. But I'd like to...
  3. Today's Composers
    A miniature song for bass and piano. It is in locrian mode. It's hard to make locrian sound "natural". I think I made it. When I have it sang I'll post it here. I hope you like it and comment.
  4. Today's Composers
    Here is a song. It is in portuguese. The melody has some hints of azorean traditional music. I hope you like, but, above all, comment because that's a way to learn and become aware of aspects that I don't pay attention to. It was playd a bit too fast for some reason...
  5. Today's Composers
    Different ways to use a dodecafonic series. Any way you chose please make music. That's what I tried to do here. Hope you enjoy it.
  6. Solo & Chamber Music
    Some years ago I did this reduction. I think it works well. And I think it is the only one out there, at least with the right harmony. I hope you like it I also made some variations on this theme based on composers styles. Funny. Hope you like it and comment!
  7. Today's Composers
    Three Oceans is a piece for concert band I composed in honor to an azorean sailor that traveled arround the world alone. Calmness of the seas, winds, tempests, and a triumphant arrival with pomp and circunstance. I hope you like it and comment. Played by an azorean band called Lira Açoriana...
  8. Non-Classical Music
    Me playing Oh Danny Boy on the tuba. Piano is from Smart Score. Hope you like! Any comments are welcome. Happy new year!
  9. Today's Composers
    I'd like you to hear this work from 2009. It was performed by a local orchestra and choir. Baritone is Rui Baeta. I hope you like it and please comment!
  10. Today's Composers
    This is my latest work for concert band. I hope you like it, but above all, that you comment. Greetings from Azores - Portugal.
  11. Today's Composers
    Hello! This is my first post here. I am a composer from Azores - Portugal. I have a webpage with some of my music: Some years ago I wrote this piece. Only this year it was played in concert. It's for Bariton solo, Choir and Orchestra. It's played here by choir and...
1-11 of 11 Results