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    Arriaga's 1st quartet in d minor is the most Spanish sounding of his quartets, interspersed with melodies that evoke visual images of his country. However, the first theme of the 1st movement's Allegro is dark and firm, played in unison and doesn't feel particularly Spanish. It's unsettling and...
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    The 'Spanish Mozart's 3rd quartet is my favourite of his quartets and an absolute cracker (I rate it in my top ten SQs). The opening movement, Allegro is restless with a fine dialogue between the violins and cello. The 2nd movement, Pastorale Andantino, is a lovely lullaby with an interesting...
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    Arriaga's String Quartet 2 was written in 1823 when the composer was still 16 years old. The 1st movement, Allegro Con Brio, is a fine one with its strong main violin theme and Mozartian rhythm. The cello is used to complete the main theme in a call and response. The 2nd movement, Andante, is a...
1-3 of 3 Results