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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Hello fellow musicians, I'm writing a blog about cello art. You're welcome to visit it: Warm greetings, Matvey
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    I heard all sort of things, use rubbing 100% alcohol, bad it will damage the vinyl, I heard from my father WD40 & all-purpose cleaner. I said to him wrong, bad thing it Will damaged the vinyl whit deposit of fat. So I use a silk cloth or velvet and dont use, heavy products like these on my LPs...
  3. Non-Classical Music
    From my expertize in ''Brutal skrunk'' sludge purist, I would say Dissecting Table more starling, pitch dark & brutal in their artform. Eminent some of genre, would agree perhaps, than there is early Zeni Geva before maximum money monster era cassettes release, I have them digital now, and ''how...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    This is a challenge to come up with the program/concept for a classical music album and to pair it with art or photography that could serve as an album cover. Don't borrow from an existing album! --Album Title --Name your piece(s) --Provide an image of what would serve as cover art Thoughts...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    As you may know, I am currently suffering an incurable Bruckneritis with all the recordings I can find, so I rate all of them and make my top rank. Yesterday, for an hour of leisure before dinner, I watched this whole rehearsal of Celibidache conducting Symphony No.9. It is fortunately in...
  6. Off Topic Pub
    America has produced some of the best painters the world has ever seen. Who are your favorite American painters?
  7. Off Topic Pub
    The recent discussions about modern art have prompted me to search the web for examples, many of which I have found compelling to say the least. Feel free to post your latest modern art discoveries.
  8. Off Topic Pub
    Just curious to hear TC member's thoughts on Modern/ Contemporary art, and art in general. It's history, the catalysts that influenced it's evolution, the psychological aspects... the meaning of 'art', what is art and what is not - all that good stuff. Pertaining to Modern art in particular...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    This goes back to the "Classical music is so gay" thread. I think that there is a common perception that not only CM, but most High Art is effeminate or elitist. And I think many Americans have no idea how often they are exposed to art, nor, in some cases, how fortunate they are. Yes, the...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Clickbait title, don't worry. While I no longer run into people who have that sentiment, since the only people who say Classical is gay are high school boys, it's something I've noticed to be a general reception to classical, and the arts in general. This might just be an American thing, but...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    No, not ArtMusic. This is from a quote by Jon Vickers, who left us a couple of days ago. "Art is a wrestling with the meaning of life. Since society no longer resists 'the pull of success,' it can no longer define or draw a line between what's art and what's entertainment.'' Posted elsewhere...
  12. Off Topic Pub
    Just thought I'd make a quick sketch in ink pens of the great man
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    Have you seen this!? I've never experienced anything like it: a cello concerto that is simultaneously performance art. This piece deservedly won the prestigious Grawemeyer music composition award. Let's discuss!
  14. Vocal Music
    Hey guys, So I've been planning my senior recital (undergrad - baritone) and finding music has been a bit of a challenge. I've looked at hundreds of art songs (German, Italian, French, English), as well as many arias and now my voice teacher suggests looking at more contemporary stuff. Do you...
  15. Composer Guestbooks
    A young female composer whose work emphasizes the idea of percussion as well as using video art in her performances.
  16. Non-Classical Music
    Anyone into so-called "chamber prog" like Univers Zero and Art Zoyd?
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    Is there, as some people suggest, something different about music from its sister arts? Why does it often seem to affect people more immediately and more powerful than other forms of art - or does it? How did humans acquire the ability to appreciate music?
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    Sigh. No, those are not my words. My uncle said it this past Sunday. Background, I'm a jazz guitarist and contemporary classical composer. My uncle has been a long time tenured math professor at a Cal state university. He teaches advanced math to graduate students. He is far more...
  19. Music Theory
    I am working on a novel where each of the chapters are inspired by unfinished works of art. This 'inspirational' work influences both the theme and the form of the chapters in question. I am currently working on a chapter inspired by The Art of the Fugue and what I would like to do is translate...
  20. Vocal Music
    What are your favourite albums of German Lieder, French Mélodies or English and other language Art Songs?
1-20 of 31 Results