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    Atterberg’s String Quartet No.2 in b minor dates from 1916 and was dedicated to “The Splinter” - a group of composers who had broken away from the Chamber Music Society of Stockholm and had tried to start a rival society. The inspiration for the quartet was from the suggestion of friend and...
  2. Blog
    Atterberg's String Quartet No.3 in D Major is actually a revisiting of his first string quartet, his Op.2, which was incomplete. It originally consisted of two movements, a scherzo and a romance and was composed in 1909. He returned to it again in 1936 and added two more movements. It was then...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I would love to find more music with some of that wonderful elemental Nordic tang I hear in Sibelius and Nielsen. Where should I go next? Atterberg, Alfven, Stenhammar, Rangstrom? Which of these (or which others) approach the great JS and CN for you? Listened to Stenhammar's Second and Alfven's...
1-3 of 3 Results