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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Only one person as it on Discogs and won't sell it, it never pop-up on eBay or Discogs to sold, help me locate this record please, what year was it publish? Thank you, Grazie, Danke U, Arigato, Salamat, merci, gracias :tiphat: Perhaps someone as this laying somewhere? and don't care at all...
  2. Hi-Fi
    I was testing the Bluetooth speaker the Harmon Kardon Aura and felt that it was audiophile quality for my ALAC and Apple iTunes albums. Just wondering whether it is considered audiophile quality? Is it even possible to have audiophile quality over a Bluetooth connection?
  3. Hi-Fi
    Hurrah. This is my first audiophile headset I ever owned. And I found it at a bargain rate at a pawn shop. I think that it is a Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 1 headset? Regardless, the sound is incredible from those.
  4. Hi-Fi
    Slate, the on-line magazine has an interesting article about audiophile issues: I, Audiophile by Fred Kaplan that makes for some interesting reading.
  5. Recorded Music and Publications
    I recently wrote to the BBC and Gramophone magazine, offering to send them a copy of a CD that has the most natural sound of a symphony orchestra of all time. My thought being that once having heard the particular and unique sound they would be so inspired as to realise that there could be a...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Which open air concert for an audiophile interested in sound engineering Hi Folks Im looking for advice on choice of open air concert to attend with my Girlfriend, I am located in the south east of england were im sure there are many events. The particular points I would like to pay attention...
1-6 of 6 Results