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  1. Strings
    The slow movement of Bach's Double Violin Concerto is one of the best pieces ever written. My problem with the concerto is the 3rd movement. The tempo marking is Allegro, yet too often I hear it played with a "Let's rush through this as fast as we can" approach. Do you mind the fast tempo?
  2. Classical Music Discussion this is back in november 2014...but still interesting what do you guys think?
  3. Religious Music
    Let's discuss about the spirituality of Bach's instrumental works, preferably works for solo instrument (e.g. the violin sonata and partitas, the keyboard partitas, suites, and Goldberg variation, the cello suites, the flute partitas , the Clavier-Ubung for organ etc.). I know that there have...
  4. Solo & Chamber Music
    Just thinking about Bach's 2 book masterpiece. As much as I love them, I'm still not familiar with the set enough to have many specific preludes and fugues to stand out as "favorites". I'm still at a point where, excluding maybe a small handful of sets, I can't easily distinguish the works apart...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    A while ago they played Bach's Italian Concerto on the radio. My wife asked why it was called "Italian."* I said that Bach often wrote in styles he considered Italian, French, or English (as well as North German I suppose). But that raises a question. Can a normal person today identify Bach's...
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    I've recently been discovering Bach's Tocattas for keyboard. Wow! Some of Bach's most unabashed dramatic flourishes are present here. Anyone else like the improvisatory, rhapsodic style of these 7 somewhat lesser known works or at least less discussed? Thanks--Dave
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    Is anyone aware of a written analysis of Schumann's use in Kreisleriana of material from the Quodlibet in Bach's Goldberg Variations? This was briefly mentioned in a talk I heard recently, and I am intrigued to explore further...
  8. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    It's Easter and it goes without saying that J S Bach's famous and well loved Easter Oratorio is often a center piece. I love this great composition from the opening joyful sinfonia right through to the end. Do you?
  9. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Bach's great Christmas Oratorio that we all love, do you consider it as one oratorio or as six separate cantatas grouped together? Here are some notes from Wiki, I am just curious what your views are on this topic.
1-9 of 9 Results