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  1. Solo & Chamber Music
    A relatively straight forward work, but beautiful none the less and music known only to few. Maybe a few less now - performance with score below (the lady's Wikipedia article also; :
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    There might be some older threads regarding this topic, but some actual information mustn't be that bad :) My favorite is Ballade No. 3
  3. Solved Cases (archive)
    Hi, About two years ago I posted here similar question, but I still didn't find the answer (link below). Does anyone recognize this piece of music (link below)? I've found it in some poor flash game and it sounds somewhat like...
  4. Keyboard Instruments
    Just started up piano again two months ago after not playing for three years and thought I'd tackle Brahms' Op. 118 No. 3 Ballade. Enjoy :) It'd be great if I could get some comments!
  5. Recorded Music and Publications
    Hey everyone. I'm new to this but I just started learning Brahms Ballade and I love it! Just thought I'd get some feedback on what people thought of this work in progress.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    International Classical Music Database is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting classical music. Please explore our mission and programs at our website: Recently we're planning a series of iPhone apps about great composers, focusing on both their life...
1-6 of 6 Results