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  1. Blog
    A live performance by the Auner Quartet, is below Recommended Serafin Cypress Eberle Cleveland Endellion Stradivari (1948) Aeolus Diotima Duke More recommended Ehnes - a touch dry in the recording but an otherwise fine account with a lovely adagio and sensual tone. Beaux Arts - this 1965...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    As we know, Horowitz admitted regularly that he always made a mistake playing the Fugue, the 4th Movement in Samuel Barber's Sonata For Solo Piano, Op. 26. What recordings of the Barber Sonata do you like? I have Horowitz's early 40s recording, and I want to branch out. Gekotron
  3. Opera
    For those that listen to the weekly broadcasts, a place to discuss the performances if you like. Last week was Barber of Seville. This Saturday is Meistersinger. Let's discuss the weekly broadcasts here. :)
1-4 of 4 Results