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  1. Strings
    I first read about this when the guys whose basses were broken posted photos on FB. The Strad picked up the story and ran the following article. I would be physically sick and livid with rage if they broke my...
  2. Opera
    one singer who comes to mind immediately for me is Samuel Ramey who, the more I think about it, is a freak of nature as far as male voices are concerned, possessing a bizarre combination of - the deep, resonant timbre and lower extension of a basso profundo - high notes which puts most spinto...
  3. Strings
    Indeed the evolution of the double bass cannot be understood without a parallel understanding of the evolution of the orchestra. Being a jazz player of the instrument myself, I have little practical knowledge or understanding of the orchestral use of the bass never mind its history. Although...
  4. Opera
    RULES OF BARITONE CLUB: 1. Absolutely NO tenors or sopranos allowed! (for full effect, imagine backward "s" on "tenors") 2. Basses and bass-baritones are allowed as guests!
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I was listening to Michel Corrette's Grand Jeu avec le Tonnerre, and was wondering which cathedral/church had the great organs with the deepest basses, because of the few versions that are available on youtube, only one seems to have been played on an adequate beast. Which of course, leads to...
1-5 of 5 Results