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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    When you hear a beautiful piece of music, is the beauty in the music itself or is it in the listeners brain? Give a short explanation of why you voted either way.
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Most of the favorite cello pieces (99% all romantic) make no sense at all to me. For me, is beauty. I simply do not understand how Britten's suites (which are not in any specific key, by the way) or Debussy's sonata are good. Please explain why the major public like pieces like these.
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Inspired by people making lists, I would like to hear your opinion about the most beautiful from your point of view pieces of music , yet so called powerful, kinda passionate. well, in fact I'm trying to create a list with suggestions for an acquaintance of mine who is familiar with CM, like...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Ok, what I mean is this. I really wish Schubert had written a piano concerto. Surely it would have been a thing of great beauty. Do you have any similar thoughts?
  5. Ballet
    What are your five favorite ballet movements? We had this discussion a while ago. I believe it was in the CM forum before the Ballet forum existed. 1.Wilis Grand Pas - Giselle 2.Garland Dance - The Sleeping Beauty 3.Waltz of the Princesses - Swan Lake 4.Capture of the Firebird by Prince Ivan...
  6. Orchestral Music
    I have recently fallen in love with this Vaughan Williams piece... So I made a thread about it!
1-6 of 7 Results