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  1. Opera
    Hi guys, I've recently come across with footage of old school opera films, such as this Bellini's Sonambula . It has been a true discovery to me. After spending most of my listening experiences with rather contemporary opera singers and productions, these old school films have opened a whole...
  2. Opera
    This is my first time creating a thread, so I wanted to bring it back to one of the arias that introduced me to (and consolidated my love for) opera. So, which are your favourite renditions of Bellini's "Ah, per sempre io te perdei"? :)
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    The Young Dead If you could lift one (or a couple) of composers who died young (say before 50) out of the grave to continue their illustrious careers, who would be your first choices? I can think of five: Mozart (35), Schubert (31), Schumann (36) , Mendelssohn (38), Bellini (34)....I'm sure...
1-3 of 3 Results