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  1. Musicians
    Hi! I'm a Classical Violinist looking for a Classical Pianist to help with my portfolio project: The Audition(for Violin & Piano). it will end up a CD/digital distribution with over 2 hours of classical music. my info/equipment: instrument(s): two 3/4 left handed violins(2010 Helmke Viotti, the...
  2. Strings
    After a practice session of 2 hours with sevcik bow technic, I noticed my bow wasn't very straight - or rather - it was straight, but not parallel to the bridge. While my tone seems very nice and solid, it still worries me that my bow is not entirely straight. While practicing before, I didn't...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I've been thinking about the primitive origins of the different acoustic instrument groups. Wondering about those early humans and their experiences and wondering if perhaps there is anything that links those experiences to Western music, as we know it. All STRING instruments, from my...
1-3 of 3 Results