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    Busoni's more accomplished, 2nd quartet dates from 1889, Busoni's last year spent in Leipzig. It begins with a massive and very powerful allegro energico. After 3 unison chords, the cello introduces a foreboding theme. A second theme of powerful 8th notes takes over before the highly Beethovian...
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    Busoni's 1st quartet was written during his early days in Leipzig. There's an excellent, brooding 1st movement, allegro, which ends almost heroically. The second movement is based on a folk tune, played by the viola, and this is followed by a French-sounding minuetto third movement. The...
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    Ferruccio Dante Michelangelo Benvenuto Busoni (1866-1924) is an underrated composer. His music is quite accessible, and metatonal - blending the old (Romantic) and heading to the new but always mindful of the old. I was listening to his personal masterpiece, the opera Doctor Faust. It took him...
1-3 of 3 Results