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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Dear All, First of all thank you for you always so helpful comments. Regarding Camille Saint-Saëns Symphony No. 3 in C Minor (Organ Symphony). Could you please help me understand this symphony better from all senses since it is quite a beautiful one. Some examples of what I am looking to...
  2. Blog
    Understanding Mahler's Seventh Symphony II. Nachtmusik - Allegro moderato Form 0:00~1:25 Introduction, horn calls, swell (C major/minor) 1:25~2:16 Theme (C major/minor) 2:16~2:53 Transition 1 (c minor) 2:53~3:48 Theme variant (C minor/major) 3:48~5:32 Trio 1 (A-flat major) 5:32~6:39 Horn...
  3. Blog
    VI - Der Abschied Form Part 1 0:00~1:30 Introduction (C minor) 1:30~2:51 Recitative (C minor) 2:51~4:56 Closing (C minor/major) 4:56~8:43 Song (C/F major/minor) 8:43~10:03 Coda (F major/D minor) 10:03~11:30 Recitative (A minor) 11:30~12:34 Instrumental introduction (B-flat major)...
1-3 of 3 Results