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  1. Classifieds
    $12 each. Free shipping to USA addresses. Or all three for $27 and free shipping to USA addresses. This one is still in the wrapper. This one is open and looks as good as new. Includes booklet. This one is open and looks good. Very slight scuffing, plays fine. Booklet included, shows...
  2. Opera
    This one always make me smile. Waltraud Meier as Carmen. Not exactly a sizzling gypsy.
  3. Opera
    On my journey to self-educate about opera, I've discovered the following at my library (below). I was curious about the thoughts of others more informed about these operas regarding these recordings? Have you found other recordings or performances you prefer to these? Can you please possibly...
  4. Vocal Music
    I have no knowledge of music theory (I just know what I like) and I have no knowledge of voice physiology. Recently a young friend of mine who is studying opera at the university and who is a mezzo mentioned that her favorite opera is Carmen, because the lead is sung by a mezzo, but that she...
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi there, I have been wondering if "Havanaise" and "Habanera" are the same? I've recently bought a CD of Carmen by London Symphony Orchestra & Claudio Abbad. And the piece in Act 1 is called "Havanaise". I thought it would have to be "Habanera" but then found on the internet that "Havanaise"...
  6. Opera
    CHECK OUT THIS LINK from a NYC Urban take on Bizet's CARMEN
1-6 of 6 Results