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  1. Religious Music
    I just love the Missa Luba - My favourite from the 1965 LP is the Credo - It is part of my past, when I was 'going out' (sort of) with a young lapsed Catholic who played me this to illustrate how he was still attached at heart. (Later he started...
  2. Religious Music
    Taking into consideration, that Mozart was a freemason, do you think his masonic sacred music is more sincere and heartfelt than his catholic sacred music? Or do you see any other differences between the two?
  3. Vocal Music
    For those who are fond of Medieval Chant I have long known and have an album that I think those interested will find interesting: it is called The Chant of the Templars or Le Chant des Templiers an album by Ensemble Organum directed by Marcel Peres. The site can be found here:
1-3 of 3 Results