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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Some time ago I have discovered for myself cellist Alexis Descharmes. It is great pleasure and with admiration to listen and see (on youtube) how he performs contemporary classical (academic) music and also music from the second half of the 20th century. Maybe there is some component of elitism...
  2. Beginners
    Hi all! Been playing the cello for almost 1/2 year now. Is there anyone in London who is at a similar level or even more advanced, who might want to chill out / play together? Let me know, Lonely Cellist!!!
  3. Strings
    Name that cellist? Can someone please identify the cellist in this Youtube sample of a recording of the Rococo Variations: Whoever provides the correct answer will win a CD of their choice from the Virtual Concert Hall Series of Orchestral Concert CDs Good luck, Lazinov
1-3 of 3 Results