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  1. Opera
    Special edition of the “Ah! Perfido” surveys, this time around of renditions captured on film. Two deliver more restrained, Teutonic renditions (restrained in body language, that is), which I prefer, while the other makes something of a soap opera of the piece, complete with the occasional...
  2. Opera
    “In 1991 she [Studer] gave a concert performance of this very piece in Dresden with Sinopoli that was just outrageous – Sinopoli pushed Studer with such power and force she ended up giving a vision of Salome that was more chilling and more decadent and terrifying than any I have heard; by the...
  3. Opera
    Greetings again. This series of tracks were taped IN-HOUSE at the Metropolitan Opera and while in subpar sound (although vastly improved from the previous), the great artistry of the performers unquestionably shines through. Alfredo Kraus as Alfredo Germont needs no introduction as he was...
1-3 of 4 Results