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  1. Music Theory
    During common practice era, was it outright rare to use a minor v chord in a minor key? Obviously major V would be used for cadential purposes, but otherwise?
  2. Music Theory
    Here's the definition of the Mu chord. What do we think?
  3. Classifieds
    I AM HAPPY that I got my hands on this Bach book in 2013. It has the classical analyses with Roman numerals under the score and simultaneously very exact modern Jazz chords above Bach´s score! This spark of genius in the book has opened my understanding of Bach - and classical music. There is...
  4. Opera
    To a musicologist, it's no mystery that the first "Tristan" chords appeared long before the premiere of Wagner's opera in 1865. Versions of this chord have appeared in works as varied as Beethoven's 18th piano sonata, Mozart's Requiem, and even a song by Franz Liszt. What is certain, however...
  5. Music Theory
    I thought I would start my peppering of this fantastic new subforum with question number one of music theory things that have been at the back of my mind. The Neapolitan 6(N6) is a very readily discernible chord once you are aware of what you are hearing, typically but not always a 1st...
1-5 of 5 Results