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  1. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi! This is my first post in this forum. Perhaps this thread should land in "Orchestral Music" or "Movie Corner" but I'm not sure. Could you recognize a song by this short attached excerpt?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Not trying to say everyone agrees that Mozart and Weber were the best, but I would think that there are plenty out there who would pick them. Anyways. Who would you say is your favorite Clarinet Concerto composer if Mozart and Weber were out of the picture? To name a few off the top of my head...
  3. Identifying Classical Music
    This is a song I found watching a video on facebook, sadly I cannot find this video anywhere else So here is the link. I've tried many softwares with no avail Here is an uploaded version onto soundcloud, however, it sucks in quality.
  4. Beginners
    I've been playing the clarinet for almost a year, but my music teacher, who's a trompetist, didn't teach me how to tongue. Could someone explain it for me, please? I've read some articles, but I didn't understand. I practicing staccato for my next "class". Practing staccato, without knowing how...
  5. Woodwind and Brass
    Is it possible for clarinettists to use fluttertonguing? How does one notate it?
  6. Orchestral Music
    I personally love Clarinet Concertos, and have recently done a bit of searching to find some quite charming works that don't get the same recognition as others. So I think we can all agree that perhaps the most popular, or at least most performed, concertos nowadays are the ones by Mozart...
  7. Solved Cases (archive)
    I'vre recorded it with the guitar as I remember it. It is usually played in funny-mysterious scenes in movies. In the original track is used clarinet or oboe and bassoon, I think.
  8. Solo & Chamber Music
    Hello all, I'm new here and also a novice in the field of composition. Specially concert music. I finished this piece for flute, clarinet and bassoon and would appreciate any comments or suggestions. It wasn't performed yet, so I'm also looking for someone who would like to play it and then know...
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi, I hope this is appropriate to share. Since I transcribed this I find I love playing this and wanted to share it. Parts are beginning levels, other parts advanced. MIDI file should play fine on most computers. Finale file there is a free Final player:
  10. Woodwind and Brass
    I am (unfortunately) switching high schools. The school that I'm switching to does not have an orchestra (I'm a cellist), and thus I will have to learn to play a new instrument to fulfill my music credits for graduation. The three instruments that I'm interested in are the bassoon, oboe, and...
  11. Woodwind and Brass
    Hi!! I'm yukaweber an Japanese university student :) I have played the clarinet for about 8 years. And I really love it ! I believe here are anyone also loving the clarinet, and want to enjoy talking about favorite players , piceis , an ideal of sound , and so on with u :D Plz give me some...
  12. Recorded Music and Publications
    Just released by blumlein records is a new CD: Diversions - Autour du hautbois. "Diversions - All around the oboe" contains a unique blend of chamber music either for or with the oboe as part of the group and was instigated by the French oboist Dominique Enon, dedicatee of several of the works...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi, I'm a grade 8 (ABSRM) clarinetist looking for something to play for an ensemble performance, for an A-level (UK) exam. I'm looking for a piece that roughly meets these requirements: - At least grade 7 standard (preferably grade 8). - The parts should all have about the same importance in...
  14. News, Concerts and Events
    AUDIMozart Competition 2010 FIFTH INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION for the performance of the Mozart's concertos for FLUTE, OBOE, CLARINET, BASSOON, HORN and ORCHESTRA. Rovereto (TN - Italy), May 21 - June 5 2010 Final round with the Haydn Orchestra of Bolzano and Trento...
1-14 of 14 Results