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  1. Today's Composers
    The recording features a regular classical guitar, but strung with five strings instead of six, with the highest string replacing the lowest, referred to as "reentrant tuning." The high G in this case is used as a drone and rhythmic device for the melody to work off of.
  2. Blog
    Have you ever thought about why there's an amplification industry around the guitar rather than the violin or the cello, or why electric guitars are a thing in the first place when acoustic and classical guitars are perfectly serviceable instruments? On first thought the answer to this question...
  3. Musicians
    Dear friends! * I'd like to represent to your attention Dmitry Nilov (classical guitar, Moscow). The musician accomplished a great work in the field of the guitar cantilena technique. His results are amazing and very impressive. Dmitry NILOV (classical guitar...
  4. Recorded Music and Publications
    I had the pleasure of recording Isaac Bustos this past weekend. He is an extraordinary guitarist! I hope you enjoy the performance:
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    I listened to this piece performed by Wiek Hijmans (composed by Michel van der Aa) and I loved it! Any recommendations? I would like to hear more guitarists/compositions like that. Here are some pieces I love...
  6. Composer Guestbooks
    S.L. Weiss was a German, Baroque period lutenist and composer born in 1687 in Grodkow, modern day Poland. He was a contemporary of J.S. Bach and is said to have competed with him in improvisation (for which Bach was famous) "Anyone who knows how difficult it is to play harmonic modulations and...
  7. Solo & Chamber Music
    Hello All, It's my shortly bio I was born 1979 in Hungary. I have started to play the guitar when I was ten. I have never attended to formally music education. I have just simple hear the music, and I love it very much. I playing in more Death Metal bands,for example the Tesstimony and the...
  8. Composer Guestbooks
    I don't know if any of you is familiar with this brilliant young composer and classical guitarist from Poland. Creative and passionate, his music caught my attention since I first heard it. Classical guitar is not the only medium he utilizes in his works. For those who want a preview of his...
  9. Strings
    I am a pianist that just recently heard Rodrigo’s Concerto de Aranjuez, and was astonished by the emotional power of it. With curiosity, I bought a couple of recordings of the classical guitar, one of which, the recordings of the Suite Spagnole by Albeniz, made me feel a little bit uneasy about...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Greetings to fellow classical musicians and music lovers - this is Aakash, classical guitarist from Kolkata (earlier known as Calcutta), India.
1-11 of 11 Results