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  1. Opera
    Hello everyone! I am a 21-year-old coloratura soprano about to study with some new teachers/coaches after finishing my undergraduate studies. They would like to know what five arias I want to work on with them and I am a bit at a loss as to how to create the most varied and interesting program...
  2. Opera
    I have a friend who is a Dramatic Coloratura Soprano here in New Zealand and is wanting to perform in Europe but is having a hard time finding information on how to get into that performance circuit? Any ideas on how she can pursue that?
  3. Opera
    what are you thoughts on Diana Damrau? imo... 1) She is a respectable vocalist with a strong lyric coloratura voice. She is about as dramatic as Maria Callas is soubrette. 2) The timbre of her voice never really did it for me. It's got to be the most icy soprano voice around today, like if...
1-4 of 4 Results