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  1. Solved Cases (archive)
    I have been searching for years to find the name of a certain piece of music. My only recollection of it is from old movies or movie trailers. However out of all the threads and lists for "common", "top", or "most played" classical movie pieces, I have yet to find it. One piece of reference in...
  2. Music Theory
    How much does it differ from CP tonality? How "functional" (whatever that means!) it is? I don't think the V-I cadence is actually all that important for "establishing tonality" in popular music. I mean, I guess it's fairly common to end a piece/section with those chords but I think that's more...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    On TalkClassical, we've talked a lot about the technical differences between common practice music and modern music, especially the differences between late romantic era music and Schoenberg (i.e. in what sense is Schoenberg tonal or atonal, or in what sense is Schoenberg a continuation of...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I was listening to Brahms' 1st string sextet today and while I was listening to it I heard that small cadence figure at 1:12 as being a foreshadowing of the second theme at 1:49. But then I thought, that melodic figure is a fairly common one so is it really a deliberate thematic connection on...
  5. Conductors & Conducting
    "Many music critics have taken exception to the liberties Stokowski took—liberties which were common in the nineteenth century, but had mostly died out in the twentieth, when faithful adherence to the composer's scores became more common." Woot woot. you are a genius :).
1-5 of 5 Results