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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    So I enjoy writing music, and I'm attempting to write a short Mass, just for fun. I understand that the Kyrie is in an ABA form, but can anyone explain any of the other movements. I know that there are sections within the movements, such as with the Credo, but what structure do they follow? Are...
  2. Music Theory
    I watched this video on YouTube, as I was watching videos about computer programming. In this video, the person attempts to use LSTM to program a computer to compose baroque music. While I acknowledge that it was not very good, what do you think about the concept in general? What do you think...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm just curious if anyone (particularly from the Classical Era on) wrote more Piano Concertos than Mozart? I had never really thought about it before... Thanks in advance!
  4. Music Theory
    Piece with transcription: Im very new to trying to comprehend theory/ why things sound the way they do/ how notes go together. I broke down the notes in the first few measures of this song , and put them into a chord analyzer to see what was going on, but that didn't really shed any more light...
  5. Today's Composers
    Describe your music, and your best pieces.
  6. Today's Composers
    Also give some indication as to the style, and method of composition.
  7. Today's Composers String Quartet #6 I Nachtsmusick II Scherzo III Melodie IV Tango / V Motet
  8. Today's Composers
    Give details - style, movements etc.
  9. Today's Composers
    Please describe the instrumentation, and, if you could, the general style of piece.
  10. Today's Composers
    Or if not, tell us why...
  11. Today's Composers
    Hello world, This is my most recent composition called, Vision No. 2 in E minor. Let me know what you think. I don't get many comments so please comment either here or at one of the following links. Either link will take you to my music.
1-11 of 12 Results