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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Oh dear, so many. Let's start with Bruckner and Glazunov. One is ponderous and boring while the other doesn't even inspire hatred—just plain indifference. Bring it on.
  2. Composer Guestbooks
    In the threads I have read there are people complaining about Mozart's music, Beethoven's or even Bach's. However I have never seen a post of somebody that hates Schubert's music. Is it possible? Can you recommend something really awesome of his work? I haven´t found yet something that changes...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I have been listening to classical music since I was a teenager, about 40 years. My specialty is in the Romantic and Classic eras, but I try to expose myself to all kinds of Classical. I know what I am about to say is tantamount to blasphemy on these forums, but I just don't like Johann...
1-3 of 3 Results