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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    I recently watched some of the Keeping Score documentaries including the one about Shostakovich’s 5th symphony. I was interested so later I looked it up and got some info on some other sites as well as this one. What I understand from the information, the west thought the finale of the 5th...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi Everyone, this is my first Post on this Forum. I'm 17 years old and I love classical music and i'm very interested in talking about recordings as well. I have seen some instances of Composers like Sibelius and Rachmaninoff saying that a conductor/performer conducts/plays their piece exactly...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Looking for mention of Germaine Tailleferre here I rarely have seen her name come up. In fact in a long thread on greatest or favorite female composers, I think her name was only mentioned once. This makes me think most people here have never explored her. She was one of Les Six and would not...
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    Let's say, if you had 2 weeks to live, because there's an apocalypse or whatever, what would be the last pieces of classical music (any time and genre, opera, symphony, quartets, concerto etc.) you would listen to? (Feel free to add non-classical to your list if you want but keep in mind the...
  5. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Which of the romantic symphonies by Polish composers do you like the most?
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    As in the title. My top 50 favorite composers are: 1. Sibelius, Jean (1865 - 1957) [Finland] 2. Respighi, Ottorino (1879 - 1936) [Italy] 3. Brahms, Johannes (1833 - 1897) [Germany] 4. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario (1895 - 1968) [Italy] 5. Rheinberger, Josef (1839 - 1901) [Liechtenstein] 6...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    This could be a Romantic piece that sounds Baroque or a Medieval piece that sounds Romantic. I'll start off the list with Mozart's fugue in C minor which sounds much like a 20th century work you might hear from Shostakovitch.
  8. Identifying Classical Music
    Hi, I’m searching for a 16th century composer named Villacete. Have you heard of him? I see nothing of him on the entire web. He is referenced from Nicanor Zabaleta on an old 5 LP set from 1968 named “Five Centuries of the Harp” (not to be confused with “500 Years of the Harp”, a newer CD by...
  9. Orchestral Music
    As the title suggests, here's a nostalgic thread. What were your first complete symphony cycles by the composers listed (or not listed) ? Feel free to add your own composers or take away as necessary. Not interested in the best recordings, just the first you ever got on vinyl, cassette, CD or...
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Hey everyone. I have created a Google spreadsheet that displays the Talk Classical List of Recommended works in a more user-friendly format. It is also sortable by work, composer, date composed, birth of composer, death of composer, etc. I am going to put a link to the finished spreadsheet...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all, I am curious about your thoughts. Do you know any important composers/musicians/conductors with major insecurities or doubts? For example, I know that Carlos Kleiber was a very insecure conductor who always had a plane ticket in his pocket in case he wanted to return before the...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Friends, I need your help. I would like to collect opinions or phrases given by great composers or great figures about Mozart or his work: Comments and comparisons with the work of other musicians. I need them for a project at school, also to know the impact of Mozart on culture. Thank you
  13. Opera
    Really detailed interview about Giuseppe Verdi - his life, his operas, but also the myths about him especially about his role in the Italian Risorgimento:
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    The origin of the Organ is Turkish according to a book I read.A sultan of Ottoman gave to Charlemagne, the first organ, this is how organ was introduced to europe, a Gift from a Calife, Just like Harp was introduced to Korean by persian sellers\traders as a gift long time ago. Cabezon & Jacques...
  15. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all, Do you know any composers who are building up a collection (stamps, postcards, dolls, coins etc?) as a hobby? I am curious about your thoughts, Ilja
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Love their music, not too familiar with the man, personality-wise. 1. Schumann 2. Schubert 3. Chopin 4. Vivaldi 5. Mahler
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    It seems to me that lots of composers were introverts, with some even being rather anti-social. I would categorise their personalities like this: Introverts: Beethoven, Schubert, Bach, Ravel, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn Extroverts: Handel, Haydn, Vivaldi Ambiverts (if there's such a thing)...
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    Which composers were nice, and which ones were jerks? From what I read, Haydn seemed like a rather nice guy.
1-18 of 167 Results