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  1. Politics and Religion in Classical Music
    Feedback on a new compositional technique in a symphonic poem "Trump & Circumstances" :tiphat:Hi everyone, My name is Aleksey Nikolsky and I am a realistic classical composer and a scientist specializing in the perception and evolution of music. I have just completed a symphonic poem, "Trump...
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    This is a tough question, I think. What is compositional inspiration? Any composer you wish to discuss, whether Johann Bach or John Cage, whether Wolfgang Mozart or Luvsanjambyn Mördorj is less important. I just want to know how would you "define" compositional inspiration? Or at least what...
  3. Solo & Chamber Music
    Chamber groups have always been relatively common, because of the relative ease to find musicians to play with you and because it tends to be less complicated to organise than, say, an orchestra or a major choir. Most chamber works, especially in Classicism and early Romanticism, fall into some...
1-3 of 3 Results