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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    So I'm starting to listen to a few Trombone Concertos. So far the once I'm really fond of is David's Concertino, although Rimsky-Korsakov's is nice as well. Anyways, I'm looking for Concertos that are from the Romantic Era like these, not 20th Century atonal works. Any recommendations?
  2. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Whos concertos do you tend to find more enjoyable? :D
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    Just an interesting though here. If you could take any concerto already composed, and have the composer replace the solo instrument(s), what would it be? It would obviously involve some alterations to the score to fix some conflicting issues, but if the basic themes and harmony were the same...
  4. Orchestral Music
    Hello everybody, yesterday I heard the violin concerto by Karl Goldmark again after a long time and I remembered how beautiful it is! Do you know of violin concertos that are similar to this one? I find that this concerto has an undescribable and unique flair that I only felt from a few other...
  5. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Which do you prefer? I know his 3 popular ballets pretty well but I recently began listening to Eugene Onegin and have enjoyed it from what I've heard so far. But I have to say the musical language or style of the opera seems to be different to my ears. Of course I know they are totally...
  6. Solo & Chamber Music
    It's odd because I love his symphonies, chamber music - concertos inc the piano concertos but I just cant find anything of any interest in his solo piano music. Am I alone?
  7. Orchestral Music
    And why? Also, if you prefer another performance I'd like to know and hear why. Thanks in advance.
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    Im looking some piano-violin sonatas or concertos like Mozart Violin Sonata K.301 .
  9. Orchestral Music
    Let's see how many of you get this right. Do not vote if you haven't heard both concertos (duh).
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Haha, I know I'm being a little specific here, especially due to a shorter number of minor-key pieces in this era, but what are some of your favorite Minor-Key Concertos from the Classical Period. This is my favorite era of music, and I'm particularly fond of minor-key pieces, so what are some...
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    I know that each composer has their own unique flair, but I discovered Weber not too terribly long ago, and the more I hear the more I'm enjoying his works, particularly his concertos (and not just his Clarinet ones). So I was curious if I could get some suggestions as to a few composers who...
  12. Classical Music Discussion
    Well I know he didn't quite excel as much in this genre as he did with Symphonies and String Quartets, but I still find them enjoyable. Anyways, I think it's safe to say that Haydn's most famous concertos are his two Cello concertos, Trumpet Concerto, and 11th Keyboard Concerto. But other than...
  13. Classical Music Discussion
    What are your top 2 or more favorite movements in the brandenburg concertos? Mine are: No.6, Movement 3: After listening to the entire concertos, I find this movement to be the perfect ending. It's serene, calming and to me provides closure No.5, Movement 1: Typical, but I have a weak spot...
  14. Strings
    What recordings would you recommend for these great concertos (concerti?) by Shostakovich? I have heard Oistrakh and Rostropovich but they are rather old and poor quality. Don't sound too great through my HD 598's...
  15. Recorded Music and Publications
    OK, Mozart Piano Concertos. Who's best? Who's good? Not so good? Obviously there's a big menu of choices and some strikingly different approaches. So what are your experiences with the various cycles, or even with individual recordings?
  16. Orchestral Music
    I personally love Clarinet Concertos, and have recently done a bit of searching to find some quite charming works that don't get the same recognition as others. So I think we can all agree that perhaps the most popular, or at least most performed, concertos nowadays are the ones by Mozart...
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    You have a choice. You can either list your top 5 favorite piano concertos. Or you can list your top 3 favorite composers of piano concertos...or you can do both.
  18. Classical Music Discussion
    I think it's about time I get into Mozart. What are some of the best recordings of his piano concertos?
  19. Recorded Music and Publications
    musicrom and I weren't able to find a single performer who played all 7/8 violin concertos composed by Vieuxtemps. Any ideas?
  20. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm thinking Brandenberg Concertos (some movements) and some Stravinsky. Anyone have any other suggestions?
1-20 of 27 Results