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  1. Opera
    Did it disappear? Shouldn't it appear near the top where everyone can identify it? I sure am confused. Am I the only one in outer space. Faustian! You started something, so where is your thread?
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi! I just wondered if anybody new the name of a piece written for trumpet in C were you play without the slide to the second valve in the 2nd movement(i think). I have heard this piece once before and i really want to ply it, but i dont know the name of the composer either, I'd be happy to get...
  3. Classical Music Discussion
    I've found a CD of the Mozart violin sonatas (Zukerman) where the numbers are different to the ones I previously understood to be correct. E.g. the K378 sonata in B-flat is called No.18, but I'd always thought that this was No.26. I'm confused!
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    I'm confused about how these 3 differ. Can anyone explain? Thanks.
  5. Off Topic Pub
    What should I do about the fact that I have more "likes" than posts on TC? - Bill
1-6 of 8 Results