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  1. Opera
    24 perfect trills in 3 minutes! I ran across a YT video series of demonstrations that were made in the early 1900s to go along with a book by the vocal pedagogue Hermann Klein, himself a pupil of Manuel Garcia. They are by the incredible signer Janet Spencer, a student of Klein, a supremely...
  2. Opera
    Lots of mezzos, like Jennifer Larmore, Joyce de Donato or Anna Sofie von Mutter sound like sopranos when they sing up high All the lushness and rich coloring to the voice gets blanched away into a soprano sound. Three exceptions I can think of are Jessye Norman, when she sings loud up high...
  3. Opera
    Are any of you familar with the simply gorgeous contralto Jean Madeira? Check out her Erda:. I have heard her mostly on historic broadcasts from the Met from the middle of the last century. The only other contralto I have heard with such a huge, rich, low voice is Ewa Podles. She sounds like she...
  4. Opera
    why is it that, in English, it is the female voice types which are spelled soprano, mezzo soprano, contralto? wouldn't soprana, mezza soprana, etc make more sense?
1-4 of 4 Results