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  1. Today's Composers
    Hello everyone, I have just uploaded the live performance of my new piece 'Libera Me' for six voices; it is inspired by Renaissance and Romantic music, as well as a hint of Jazz. I devised the piece in a tuning of 31 equal divisions of the octave, much like the late Renaissance musician Nicola...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    There are plenty that I know of, which I shall let others mention as a way of discussion and conglomerating several such Fugues into one post, but I want to share what I think beats them all, from Jan Dismas Zelenka's Missa Omnium Sanctorum, ZWV 21 - a chromatic leaping up and down subject that...
  3. Music Theory
    Hello, I am working on a three-voice counterpoint exercise. The top line was given to me. I am not sure if I did it correctly. What would you do to fix what I did wrong?
  4. Classical Music Discussion
    It is difficult to find fugues by Vivaldi because, unlike Bach and many other composers, he never named any discovered works after the form itself; instead, they have been thrown into various larger works, such as concerti and sonatas. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to provide a list for...
  5. Music Theory
    I am glad to introduce Artinfuser Counterpoint, where counterpoint exercises can be automatically analysed and mistakes found. I hope that it helps students that have limited access to teacher or need to find major mistakes in their exercises at once.
  6. Today's Composers
    i dont know who else to ask for critique i might be getting a car and i figured maybe using my classical skills to write modern stuff may be a good way to get girls/money, i can play my cd in the car etc. i tried to make the music " sexy " think x rated movie crossed with national geographic...
  7. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all, long time lurker here. Decided to make an account as I continue down the classical rabbit hole. I've always appreciated classical and been aware of and listened to the 'greatest hits' (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Beethoven's 9th, New World Symphony etc) but Beethoven is the first composer...
  8. Classical Music Discussion
    So I've been watching some Glenn Gould talks on Bach. He describes Bach as being old-fashioned for his time period, the late Baroque period. What does he mean by this? Is it just that counterpoint was old-fashioned at the time?
  9. Classical Music Discussion
    I heard that counterpoint in its origin in Europe that Kings would call Composers to layer counterpoint in front of them in freestyle. Does anyone know about counterpoint competitions and on it being normal entertainment during the Baroque Era?
  10. Classical Music Discussion
    Have any of you ever heard of the composer David Borden? As I understand, he's a little obscure but was composing New Music in New York in the 70s around the same time as Glass, Reich and all the rest. He founded the Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company, one of the first Moog...
  11. Today's Composers
    I'm currently writing a piece for an early Classic Orchestra with late Classical/Romantic harmony and when writing I find it hard to ignore rules of counterpoint, when writing for a large ensemble do you adhere to the rules of counterpoint strictly – also remember I am speaking about...
  12. Music Theory
    what can we do with computers that Bach couldn't ?
  13. Strings
    Hi. Can you give an example(s) of solo pieces that have 2 or more lines of counterpoint? I expect this would be pretty tricky on a bowed string instrument, but seems doable to me with effective use double stops or quadruple stops. Are there any pieces composed like this?
  14. Classical Music Discussion
    I have listened to little of Vivaldi's work. I just listened to Concerto Grosso D minor. I was struck by how much the fugue section sounded to me like the fugue at the end of Rocky, 'Rocky's Reward' by Bill Conti (which I always associated with Bach before that). Here's the fugue part: Here's...
  15. Today's Composers
    Hello! I've been disconnected for a while, but not in vain (at least i hope so). I've been listening to lots of music, writing lots of horribly bad stuff, and then writing some just bad stuff, which is good enough for me to feel a certain warmth for it. I started this little thing today, i...
  16. Today's Composers
    I made this 2 pieces. These pieces are an exercise for me, for check my counterpoint and harmony skills. Comment please about it. What do you think The first: Exercise for quartet in C The second: Symphony in C major (3 voices) Flutes and Basoon. I think the style in both pieces is...
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi Everybody!!! I'm very recently got very interested in music theory etc. and therefore I'd like some help with which books to buy in order to learn the most. So if you know of some REALLY GOOD books on harmony, theory, counterpoint, composition etc. tell me about them :)
1-17 of 17 Results