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  1. Recorded Music and Publications
    I've been listening to openings, and issues with voicing and balance seem to be common for pianists. So far my favorite is Charles Rosen for the first couple of minutes. Who do you prefer for this last movement of opus 111? And why? - if you can put it into words.
  2. Opera
    So I am a self professed Verdi fanatic. I am wishing to not be a completist due to expense and time to listen to it all. That said I don't want to miss anything worthwhile. With my wonderful Don Carlo purchase I have all of the important works, including his Requiem. I thought I was done once...
  3. Opera
    I started thinking about this and realized this is hard. In many operas there are couples that you like or root for. But even though many of them are very much in love, they are not perfect. Many get jealous or are easily convinced that the other one has someone else. Like Otello has really...
  4. Today's Composers
    so today i tried getting back to the classical roots and did this in a couple of hours. i am kinda proud of it, this is how it went:
  5. Hi-Fi
    About 15 years I got rid of my old turntable because a reorganization of our living room and audio/video setup left me with no good place to put it, and I had relatively few LPs left that I thought would probably reappear on CDs eventually anyway. A lot of that that stuff never did reappear on...
  6. Religious Music
    I'll be hearing the St John Passion next sunday at Corpus Christi college, Cambridge. I'm not as familiar with it as the St Matthew Passion (only heard it a couple times). What recordings should I get? Gardiner?
  7. Keyboard Instruments
    I fell a couple of days after thanksgiving and have finally gotten most of my motion back in my hand, I still can't lift very big things without pain, though it is less. I started with the Hannon exercises to get my left hand back up to where my right still is, my hand is still swollen a bit in...
  8. Announcements
    Yesterday, and today, the server software has been updated/upgraded. Many of you have probably noticed that the Likes system disappeared, then came back on, and then disappeared again. It will be back, and you should not lose any previous likes, but the next couple of days expect it to come and...
1-8 of 8 Results