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  1. Today's Composers
    Here is the normal musescore version with the proper instruments and here is the "piano-ed" version where the instruments' sounds are replaced with piano sounds since I find that makes it easier to follow along.
  2. Blog
    Understanding Beethoven's Ninth IV. Finale: Presto Form 0:00~3:24 Introduction, Reminiscences (D minor->A minor->B-flat major) 3:24~6:24 Theme and variations (D major) 6:24~7:20 Transition (D major->D minor) 7:20~8:09 Bass recitative (D minor->D major) 8:09~10:28 Choir and soloists enter...
  3. Blog
    Understanding Mahler's Fifth Symphony Part 6: V - Rondo-Finale Form 0:00~0:33 Introduction (D major) 0:33~2:28 Theme group 1 and fugato (D major) 2:28~3:24 Theme varied (D major->B-flat major->D major) 3:24~4:19 Theme 2 (B major) 4:19~5:22 Codetta (B major->G major->D major->A major)...
  4. Blog
    Understanding Mahler's Fifth Symphony Part 4: III - Scherzo Form Exposition 0:00~0:41 Theme A (D major) 0:41~1:16 Theme B (B minor->D major) 1:16~2:25 Variations on A and B (D major->B minor->B-flat->A major->D major) 2:25~3:20 Trio (B flat major) Development 3:20~4:07 Variations on A and B...
1-4 of 4 Results