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  1. Opera
    I recently had my Amazon Prime package updated to include the Amazon Music App at no extra cost. And I have to say Amazon Music when it comes to classical music and opera is pretty good, and is getting better by the day. Some of my favourite albums on this are the Naxos Opera Explained series...
  2. Non-Classical Music
    I bought this best of Enigma, it kinda good, my sister said it was corny but who care she lisen to crap anyway, for what i can says, Enigma is catchy, i would like to investigate further in this band. Do you guys like this band? have a nice day folks :tiphat:
  3. Opera
    Anyone here use this or have any opinions about it? I just signed up for the 7 day free trial and I've watched a few minutes of 2 operas already, Marriage of Figaro and Tristan Und Isolde, and they both have pretty atrocious sound quality. These are supposed to be HD quality so I figured they...
  4. Today's Composers
    Unfortunately, I may not have been ready to play this, but I was eager to get it up. I may re record in a day or so. Its a lighter piece, I'm aware, so I hope it is appropriately titled.
  5. Classical Music Discussion
    If you had the work to make a soundtrack for a movie , scenes like a Sunny Sumer morning day , what movements or pieces you choice ? any music genres is ok, but specially I would like to discover new music themes from impressionism or atonal disonant music.
  6. Classical Music Discussion
    Post something classical that reminds you of Dad.
  7. Off Topic Pub
    The people who type medical tramscripts at hospitals sometimes make the craziest mistakes . Here are some of them : Social history reveals this one-year-old patient does not smoke or drink and is presently unemployed . On the second day the knee was better , and on the third day , it...
  8. Opera
    What opera or opera scene is most representative of your own family dynamics? Today has been an 'Iphigénie en Tauride' day for me. Family and relatives, I love them all (now they've all gone home). I can calm down now - the wine helped a lot. Le calme rentre dans mon coeur. Happy Mothers...
  9. Off Topic Pub
    Most important holiday in Italy :D
  10. Off Topic Pub
    To all you wonderful Mom's. :tiphat: :angel:
  11. Classical Music Discussion
    Thought I'd start a continuing thread, like "What book are you reading now?" I'll let everyone decide for himself when a piece crosses the threshold from just something you're humming to true earworm status (for me it's days to more then a week). I've been raising seedlings in my sunroom. In...
  12. Recorded Music and Publications
    Record Store Day is an annual event and many record stores run sales on this day.
  13. Off Topic Pub
    To those who celebrate this holiday, our best wishes for a great Easter day.
  14. Off Topic Pub
    It's Easter bank holiday weekend in the UK which means that a lot of us (not everyone) gets a four day weekend for free. We get 8 days in the UK like this. 25/26 December. 1 January. Spring bank (March), Easter Friday/Monday, May day and one at the end of August. People complain that it's not...
  15. Opera
    In Swedish, English and German, you get a real feel for the day to day life of the divine Nilsson. Some highlights are an extremely long session of the crowd going crazy after Visi D'arte and her masterful acknowledgement of the applause within character, her vocalizing up to high D before...
  16. Classical Music Discussion
    Today is International Day of Happiness :lol: The United Nations Organization has revealed the world's happiest playlist #HappySoundsLike but it is enough to make a serious music lover sad :( What should be on the TC Happiness Playlist (as an antidote to the other list)? :devil:
  17. Classical Music Discussion
    BBC Radio 3 will devote the whole of Sunday's broadcasts to the music of female composers to celebrate Women's Day. You can listen live, online or by podcast if you are interested
  18. Off Topic Pub
    I wanted to find out if my iPhone really was as biased as sometimes it seemed, and also to keep track of the other various stats such as, what work, and how many musical works per day I listen to. So far over 3 days its been 13 tracks, 26 tracks, 22 tracks (today isn't done) So I'm going to say...
1-20 of 22 Results