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  1. Non-Classical Music
    If we look at any style of music, there's always the average standard crappy stuff no one actually remembers past the decade of it's inception, and the stuff of legends that lives on. Mozart and Salieri if you will. For example, the 80's have given us the standard sappy mush-fest And it's...
  2. Classical Music Discussion
    The miracle decade, from 1819 through 1828. Beethoven wrote: Hammerklavier Sonata Piano sonatas Op. 109-111 Diabelli Variations Missa Solemnis Choral Symphony Op. 126 Bagatelles String quartets Op. 127 through 135. Schubert wrote: Symphonies 8 and 9 String Quintet in C String Quartet "Death and...
1-2 of 2 Results