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  1. Opera
    Who do you think has the charisma to pull it off? And of course who do you think sings it best? For me the choice is easy. It has to be Mario Del Monaco. He was so great with Callas on the 1955 La Scala performance of Norma. He might be a bit short in stature, nothing some platform shoes wont...
  2. Opera
    Some say that MDM is just a shouter. But to me he is much more. I really like his voice and his style of singing. For me he is just what you want from a dramatic tenor. He sings with feeling and he has good diction. Del Monaco's acting is very theatrical, but then he said that he performed to...
  3. Opera
    Who do you love the most out of these three tenor giants of more or less the same era? What are your favourite roles and individual performances of each one? For me it's: 1. Mario del Monaco: As you can probably guess from my other posts, I have an obsession with him. Del Monaco's incredible...
1-3 of 3 Results