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    Delius began to write his String Quartet in the spring of 1916 and completed the first 3 movement version of the work in June. It received its premiere by the London String Quartet later thst year with Albert Sammonds as the principal violin. The Musical Times wrote that it was 'a serious...
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    ADAMS, JOHN Doctor Atomic Symphony* - Robertson / St. Louis Symphony (my collection) BACH, J.S. Brandenburg Concerti - Amsterdam Bach Soloists (1-6, my collection) - Winschermann / Deutsche Bach Soloists (1-6, my collection) - Goebel / Musica Antiqua Koln (1-6, my collection) BEETHOVEN, L. van...
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    What would you consider to be, or rather what are generally considered to be Frederick Delius' greatest, most essential works? And if your answer is 'none', then go away. :tiphat:
1-3 of 3 Results