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  1. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    Pick one composer's complete recorded works to listen to for the rest of your life on a desert island. (only one version allowed for any piece) Choose wisely :) (Caveat if the work is an opera or anything where visuals add to the music you get one version of the production as well)
  2. Off Topic Pub
    OK, you get up to 10 books, 10 movies, and an endless supply of 2 snacks. Of course your desert island has a state of the art entertainment system, every recording of music you ever want or wanted, plenty of fish, tropical fruit, and of course canned spam. Also, the locals are extremely...
  3. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    You know the drill: you're on a deserted island blah blah blah... Please vote. :) You can even choose different artists for each of the sonata or quartet, but you are left with only one set of works. Me? I have just begun exploring the early and some middle sonatas, so it'll be a long time...
1-3 of 3 Results