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  1. Classical Music Discussion
    Hi all, A bid morbid in these times, I know, but do you know any anecdotes about composers/musicians who died in a remarkable way? For example Prokofiev who died on the same day as Stalin, and Lully who hit his foot with his conducting staff. Stay safe, Ilja
  2. Non-Classical Music
    A very fine jazz pianist died today. Info here:
  3. News, Concerts and Events
    Violist Joseph de Pasquale (October 14, 1919 - June 22, 2015) has died. He was principal violist of the Boston Symphony and of the Philadelphia Orchestra over a roughly 50-year period starting in 1947. A couple of articles noting his passing were published recently in the Philadelphia Inquirer...
  4. News, Concerts and Events
    The music critic, Edward Greenfield, has died.
  5. News, Concerts and Events
    Peter Cropper dubbed 'the Mick Jagger of the string quartet' who played like a man possessed and led the Lindsay Quartet for almost 40 years has just died. Never came across him before, but his obituary in the Telegraph was fascinating.
  6. Classical Music Discussion Polls
    I was reading more about the life of the great man, one of the greatest composer who ever lived. Something that really hit me as giving the man even more respect was that he must have had a very hard life raising his big family. Twenty children, half died at infancy, one wife died young, local...
1-6 of 7 Results